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High Voltage Capacitor
Charging Power Supplies.

ACRX series

Eurofeedback has developed a product line of high voltage capacitor charging power supplies with output voltage from 10 kV to 50 kV and output power from 6 kJ/s to 15 kJ/s.

Charger 6kj/s


This range offers lots of options regarding control, regulation or instrumentation.


For more information about our charging power supplies, please contact our distributor:

Pulse MC²

Z.I. Petite Montagne Nord
7 allee du Brevent
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Eurofeedbak brasil
EFB beauté
Eurofeedbak brasil
ISO 13485 : 2003
Eurofeedbak brasil
ISO 13485 : 2003

CFIA Rennes (France)


We exposed at the CFIA trade show 2014.

CFIA - Rennes

A very successful 1st participation for Eurofeedback!
Thank you for coming and see you soon.


EFB beauté®


Aesthetic and medical devices produced by Eurofeedback are now marketed under the brand

EFB beauté®.


Anthélia NG, Adéna, Ariane NG


For more informations about our IPL devices, please contact our distributor:

Eledis Innovation

Z.I. Petite Montagne Sud
1 rue du Mâconnais
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Eurofeedback certified ISO13485


To prove its ability to provide medical devices and associated services complied with customer requirements and legal and regulatory rules, Eurofeedback has made the choice of certifying its quality management system according to the ISO 13485 repository.

Moreover, the SGS UK agency has recognized the Eurofeedback skill to answer to the requirements of the European directive 93/42/EEC according to the appendix II regarding medical devices with pulsed polychromatique light for a dermatological use.




Eurofeedback certified ISO9001:2008


For all the Eurofeedback activities, the SGS agency has renewed the certification of the quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2008 repository.