After-sales Service / Services


Eurofeedback can help you for the starting of your equipment. We can also provide you our technical support to intervene with control authorities for the certification of your equipment.

Spare Parts

Our Equipment are warranted 2 years for a normal use.

We are able to provide every spare part for the maintenance of your equipment

Preventive Maintenance

In order to prevent any damage, Eurofeedback offers a service of annual preventive maintenance.  


Lamps can be replaced in 3 weeks.

You can also get additional lamp units in order to keep the system operational.


For any repair, contact the Eurofeedback hotline:

EUROFEEDBACK after-sales service
ZI Petite Montagne Sud
3 rue de l’Aubrac
91017 Evry Cedex

phone : +33 (0)1 60 86 30 30

Email :

If we cannot repair your equipment by phone, we will provide an on-site intervention.