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AMS/AMF 3000 (4000V- 0.8 Amps)

This power supply is an OEM product used to drive a magnetron. It could supply magnetrons referenced NL10250-1.

The device noted AMF3000 works at constant power. The second reference AMS3000 offers the possibility to to adjust the output power.

Electrical characteristics

The input voltage is 400V (3 phases without neutral + Earth). It is composed of a power supply 4 000 V / 800 mA and a filament source 20 V / 20 A.


This device This device can be operated only using the remote control (15-pin interface connector on the front panel).

  • For AMF3000, the anode’s current is constant (800mA)
  • For AMS3000 version, the anode’s current is adjustable between 200 mA and 800 mA .
  • Standard 19″ rack mount case.
  • Air cooled.