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AR5/600 – TWT PSU – 10kV – 5 Collectors

This device is used in the space field to manufacture Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT).

It is composed of:

  • A Helix source that could supply up to 10kV
  • Five collectors sources
  • An Anode0/Grid source that can supply up to 9 kV wrt to the cathode voltage
  • A modulator for Anode0 source
  • A Filament/Heater source
  • A Wehnelt source
  • An Anode1 source 

The meterings and controls are done on the front panel. It is possible to control the PSU in remote for simple commands (switch on/off mains or high voltages) and to get the telemetries from connectors mounted on the rear panel.

A safety system ensures the fault that can occur during the TWT manufacturing (defocus for instance).

The device is divided in several drawers that represent differents sources. Each drawer can be removed from the front panel. It is useful for maintenance.