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ACRX Series

Eurofeedback has developed a range of high voltage capacitor charging power supplies with output voltage from 10 kV to 50 kV and output power from 6 kJ/s to 15kJ/s.

The power supplies use the “H bridge” topology. The commutation looses are very low, so the efficiency is greater than 85%.

By design, the power supplies are protected from over currents, over voltages and no load fault conditions. The fan fault is associated with a tempterature fault. All power supplies are equipped with an interlock, located on the rear panel.

2220445-AA_LD (Format PDF, 600 ko)



Technical specifications 

Input voltage208, 400 VAC ou 480 VAC / 3 phases with no neutral
Output power6, 8, 10, 12, or 15 kJ/s
Output voltage10 kV, 15 kV, 20 kV, 25 kV, 40 kV or 50 kV
PolarityPositive / Negative / Floating  (up to 10 kV)
Inrush current< 3 x Inominale (during 100 ms maxi)
Efficiency> 85%
Telemetries accuracies+/- 0,5% of the full scale
Output voltage programming10 to 100% of the full scale
Storage temperature0°C to 85°C (30°F to 185 °F)
Operating temperature+ 10°C to 35°C (30°F to 95 °F)
Humidity40% to 90% no-condensing
EN standardsSafety requirements: EN 61010-1 : 2001
EMC Emission : EN 61000-6-4 : 2001
EMC Immunity : EN 61000-6-2 : 2001


Human-Machine Interface

The power supplies can be operated in remote mode (0-10V program and monitor). The analog programming, analog monitoring, faults and controls are available on the 25 pins Sub-D connector. On the front panel, lights are available to indicate the power supplies status.


In the instrumented version, output voltage can be adjusted on the front panel. The screen displays voltage/current programming and monitoring. If a fault occurs, it will be displayed on the screen.

RS232 / Ethernet



Ethernet/RS232 communications are available as an option. An 9 pins Sub-D connector and a RJ45 connector are located on the rear panel. It is easy to connect the computer with our demonstration software and to drive the power supply. 

Optical Fibers



The optical fibers is useful to drive the power supplies in ensuring the data transmission in a perturbated environmenent. Moreover, the electrical insulation is warranted between the power supplies and the control station.



The power supplies are integrated inside a standard 19" inches width rack with a 5U height (222mm/ 8.74 in). The depth is included between 510 mm and 600 mm, depending on the input voltage and the power output.



All power supplies are delivered with a HV plug and a high voltage cable of 3 meters length (9.8ft).

For more details, please ask us our technical drawing.