Decontamination with Pulsed Light

The Pulsed Light can partially or totally destroy microorganisms of food or of packaging. It provides an alternative to the thermal or chemical treatments. The spectrum of the pulsed light is rich in UVC (between 180 nm and 280 nm). The absorption wavelength of bacteria is close to 253 nm. By using the effect of light, the DNA chain of the bacteria is broken.

The decontamination’s level can reached 6 logs in most applications. That means that single bacterium survives after flashing a population of 1 million of bacteria (106). The reductions on different types of bacteria are shown in the table below.

table decontamination


The pulsed light is effective on surfaces. The process is particularly efficient on the treatment of packaging before filling (food trays, plates …) or before closing (caps, lids …).

Our equipment can treat process water by getting high rates of bacteria destruction. The treated flow rates are between 100 liter per hour to 10 m3 per hour.


 Reactor to treat 1 m3/h

Decontamination is also active on products like spices, semolina, wheat. With our most powerful system, it is possible to treat the product during its fall (Patent FR2909882). This system is able to treat from one hundred of kilograms per hour to tens of tons per hour.

Eurofeedback has some parternships with machine manufacturers for the food industries in order to facilitate the integration of this technology on the packaging lines.


 Lamp units (200 mm, 400 mm and 800 mm)