In 1995, Eurofeedback designed its first pulsed light device to dry toner and manufactured more than 3 000 units.

At the beginning of 2000, a parternship has been signed with the CTCPA (Centre Technique de la Conserverie des Produits Alimentaires) in order to promote the pulsed light technology in the decontamination fields.

Many systems have be designed in order to manage this technology and to evaluate the pulsed light efficiency. For 15 years, EUROFEEDBACK has acquired a skill on the pulsed light technology: the lifetime of lamps has been increased and our industrial systems are reliable. These knowledges have been translated by several patents.

Since 2013, EUROFEEDBACK has been offering its industrial systems, its know-how and its skills to integrate this technology in the production lines.



ACC4500 (2 lamps of 450 mm)
Manufacturing of serial products for industrial market.


GLP3400  (2 lamps of 300 mm cooled by water)
UV pulsed generator.


GLP20k  (2 lamps of 400 mm cooled by water)
UV pulsed generator.



The principle of the pulsed light systems is to store electrical energy inside a capacitor. Then, the capacitor is discharged inside a xenon lamp. During this short discharge, the lamp supplies a white light which is composed of full UV rays.


Exposed to the lamps, the products receive the UV rays. Several applications are possible, like decontamination, and polymerization. According the application,  the light’s characteristics are defined in function of light’s intensity, light’s spectrum and the kind of lamp.

The technology offers several advantages:

  • No thermal : the temperature of the product increases on the surface very quickly. The time of exposition is very short.
  • Eco-friendly : no chemical residue and for some applications, this technology could be an alternative or a complement to the chemical solution using the hydrogen peroxyde  (H2O2).
  • No preheating : Upon power up, the device is ready for use.
  • Economic : the electrical energy is consumed when the system supplies UV rays. With no product, the system is on standby.
  • Exposition’s time: the flash duration is below than 200 µs. The current through the lamp can reach 3000 Amps peak.  

Our systems can do up to 5 flashes per second on decontamination, applications and up to 40 flashes per second in the field of polymerization.