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Intense pulsed light
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26 patents filed
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Long-lasting photoepilation care (HR)
Long-lasting Rafale photoepilation care (RHR)
White hair photoepilation care (SR)
Photorejuvenation (SR)


Treatment of hirsutism (HR)
Treatment of hyperthricosis (HR)
Vascular treatment (SR)
Pigment treatment (SR)
Acne treatment (SR)

Professional pulsed light devices (IPL)

With its expertise in the field of intense pulsed light IPL, the French industrial group Eurofeedback, depositary of 26 patents, offers the most innovative and efficient IPL on the market.

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High-tech device, completely secure and very efficient, accessible to beauty professionals to treat all skin types, even sensitive or tanned.

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The flash lamp emits a filtered and secured polychromatic light that helps to permanently remove unwanted hair as well as to treat imperfections and signs of skin aging.

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The polychromatic light filtered of all its UVs generates an artificial, but natural, reactivation of collagen and elastin for lasting rejuvenation of mature skin.

Filtered and secure, it can also photodepilate all hair colors on all skin colors.

The treatment is painless and without risk of harm to the body. Anthélia® Medical can also treat hirsutism, hypertrichosis or acne with one and the same device.

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Alyta® is the solution dedicated to the treatment of hair growth. It is equipped with the latest Eurofeedback innovation: the exclusive system of patented cartridges for the most spectacular efficiency.

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Our history


The french society, founded in 1989, has been gradually specialized in the design and manufacture of products for the aerospace industry for control tubes, especially pulsed light tubes.

A very active research and development pole

The French company has diversified its business by producing pulsed light equipment for markets as diverse as fast drying ink or paint, decontamination, phototherapy for aesthetic and medical fields.

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Ours values

Labeled French Fab


The company has been certified ISO 9001 since 1999, and is also certified ISO 13485 in line with the requirements of the European Directive 93/42/CEE for the production of medical equipment.

Eurofeedback IPLs meet all requirements of international standards. They are checked at all levels of the production chain and before placing on the market.

Without borders, on a human scale

French know-how open to the international market.

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French Fab is the standard of French industry on the move

Eurofeedback flash lamps

offer progressive and lasting photoepilation care for dark hair as well as blonde and white hair, which until then were impossible to remove permanently.



Pulsed light advantageously allows – unlike most laser – to combine several applications with the same IPL. Photoepilation care allows long-lasting removal of unsightly hair from all areas of the body. Photorejuvenation restores a second youth to the skin by reducing skin imperfections.

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French design and manufacture

The effectiveness of the treatments offered and technological innovations are the priorities of the French manufacturer of the Eurofeedback IPL range, a pulsed light specialist since 1994. Eurofeedback holds 26 patents on its professional pulsed light equipment.

Quality at the service of technology.

Patented exclusivity

Benefiting from an exclusive patented technology, Eurofeedback flash lamps are able to offer a progressive and lasting photoepilation care of dark hairs but also blond and white hairs until then impossible to remove permanently.

Our solutions against white hair


Eurofeedback professional aesthetic equipments are present on all continents. Your advantages:

  • The assurance of patented French high technology.
  • IPL devices renowned for their quality and efficiency.
  • Patented worldwide exclusivity for permanent hair removal for blond and white hair. (Technique invented and patented by Eurofeedback)
  • Complete marketing program
  • Solution suitable for all markets
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The services offered by the Eurofeedback Intense pulsed light are very profitable, both for the final client who can say goodbye to the eternal hair removal sessions or the practitioner, cosmetic physician, dermatologist or beauty salon depending on the machine model, which find a new life in this innovative technology.

This professional aesthetic and/or medical equipment purpose can meet new customers expectations, through a variety of effective and safe care.

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Support & training

For the use of our IPL devices and to perform care, training is required to obtain a certificate Eurofeedback. Some experts support you in this process of quality and security.

  • The training of the trainers is carried out by a doctor pulsed light specialist in France and by an IPL specialist in internationally.
  • Tips for setting up your training courses.
  • Training manual, protocols, consent sheets and monitoring are provided.
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