About Eurofeedback

The French company EUROFEEDBACK, created in 1989, designs and manufactures electronic equipment used in the military, space, industrial, medical and aesthetic fields.. Its entire design, development and manufacturing chain is located in its 2200 m² factory based in France in the south of Paris.

With a very active Research & Development pole, the company has diversified its pulsed light activity by producing equipment for markets as diverse as baking toner for rapid printers, drying ink or paint, decontamination, etc. phototherapy for the aesthetic and medical fields.

Space and military

Historical experience in the design and production of generators incorporating high voltage.

Space and Telecom

Know-how in the design and manufacture of test units integrating high voltage for traveling wave tubes.

Professional fields


The design office team is a passionate team of engineers. It always seeks to go beyond the limits of the possible and technological perfection in order to design innovative, secure, efficient and quality products.


The Production teams manage the production of products: product assembly, endurance tests, measurements and adjustments, quality and regulatory controls.

The cycle of high-tech products is fully mastered (Purchasing, Supply, Production, Test and Control). All these phases are carried out on each product individually, whether it is an IPL device or an applicator; by a dedicated and trained team.

Final tests and validations are always done by Eurofeedback.


Our Quality Management system is ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified.

All Eurofeedback products are CE marked. They meet the essential safety requirements of applicable European directives depending on their field of application (medical, industrial, etc.)

Design, development, production, installation and associated services are all carried out with customer satisfaction in mind.

Purchasing & logistics

The division's activity is essential to satisfy customers. The teams take care of the purchasing process at the quality level, management and relations with suppliers, quality monitoring of subcontractors, management of packaging and shipping of ordered IPL products. The team also ensures the proper functioning of the supply taking into account the logistics dimension and stock management.


An essential link for customer follow-up, it helps maintain the performance of the products supplied over time, and respond to any customer request for maintenance and repair of goods. As soon as one of the Eurofeedback products is purchased, the expert team offers technical assistance and management of spare parts for distributors and their customers. It also trains the technicians of the distributors in the premises of Eurofeedback.

Sales department

The sales department is international. The team assists distributors, develops and searches for new markets.

Administrative department

The administrative department has a central role in the proper functioning of the internal activities of the company. It includes human resources and personnel management, accounting and budget management, legal and administrative management.

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Eurofeedback and intense pulsed light

26 years of experience in pulsed light

Drawing on the experience acquired in power electronics during these first years of existence, Eurofeedback masters xenon tube technology, including pulsed light tubes and associated equipment.

Eurofeedback is the custodian, among other things, of a world exclusive for permanent hair removal of blond and white hair , which until then had been impossible to destroy by pulsed light.

Thus, in a few years Eurofeedback has become a key manufacturer on the market for phototherapy devices.
Its R&D department is constantly exploring new high-precision technologies to bring ever more efficiency, safety and quality to its products for the benefit of all.

IPL pulsed light devices use suitable applicators adapted to the type of care such as HR, RHR / RSFL and SR. They have been digitized for better ergonomics, to offer more services to the user and for better management for distributors thanks to the CONNECT® system.

IPL Devices

Intense pulsed light IPL
High performance devices
26 patents filed
🇫🇷 French design & manufacturing

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Long-lasting photopilar care (HR)
Rafale long-lasting photopilar care (RHR)
White hair photopilar care (SR)
Photorejuvenation (SR)
Rafale Super Filtered Light (RSFL)

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The connect® system

Connected IPL devices
Better handling of device tracking:
  • faster diagnostics during an intervention by technical support team
  • automatic monitoring of follow-up for maintenance and replacement of parts wear.

The Connect Manager
Management interface of IPL pulsed light devices for distributors

French Fab labeled

Certified ISO 9001 then ISO 13485 for its compliance with the requirements of European Directive 93/42 / EEC for the manufacture of medical devices.

Eurofeedback IPLs meet all the requirements of international standards. They are checked at all levels of the production chain and before placing on the market.

Without borders, on a human scale

French-style know-how open to the international market.


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French Fab is the standard of French industry on the move


Eurofeedback is present on all continents thanks to its collaborators and partners.

Together, they were able to demonstrate the know-how of the technical and engineering teams on high technology to their customers in fields as varied as industry, medicine and aesthetics.

IPL Pulsed Light products are recognized around the world for their quality, efficiency and the number of patents filed.

Moreover, the patent for the permanent hair removal of blond weights and white hairs, until then impossible to destroy by pulsed light, is a world exclusivity of Eurofeedback.

Certifications and commitment

Eurofeedback products meet all the requirements of international standards.
They are checked at all levels of the production chain and before placing on the market.

CE marking

Commitment to the conformity of our products by carrying out checks and tests according to the requirements defined in the relevant European texts.

CE 1639

Medical devices compliant with the requirements of directive 93/42 / CE and monitored by our notified body.

ISO 13485 certificate

Recognition of our management system for the design, development, manufacture, sales, and after-sales service of pulsed light medical devices for dermatological use.

Medical Device Single Audit Program

Recognition of our quality management system and compliance with regulatory requirements in Australia and Canada.

Recycling and

In order to preserve the environment, Eurofeedback improves every day processes and manufacturing processes:

  • Reconditioning and increase in the lifespan of equipment (reliability, quality and safety preserved) in accordance with European Directive 2012/19 / EU
  • Recycled waste
  • Purchase of equipment to be destroyed
  • A new service: CONNECT® mode
  • Reduced consumption of components, less transport, a new way of working…