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Trusted technology for beauty care

Equipped with a powerful generator, Ariane® was born from indepth research into selective photocoagulation (analysis into the thermal reactions of the skin) and from a detailed analysis of the various existing techniques. The result is a high technology machine, totally secured and of an excellent performance, accessible to professionals of the beauty sector.

Function of the Flash Lamp

The Flash Lamp emits a filtered and secured polychromatic light enabling the lasting elimination of unwanted hair and the treatment of imperfections and signs of cutaneous ageing.

Proven Energy

With energy of 12 to 20 joules/cm² for photo-epilation and from 6 to 21 joules/cm² for photorejuvenation, Ariane® is one of the most effective devices on the market.

This equipment benefits from Eurofeedback patents guaranteeing energy throughout the duration of the applicator.

The major flaw of commercial IPLs is the loss of energy over the life of the applicator, which has repercussions on the quality of care.

To remedy this major flaw in IPLs, Eurofeedback flash lamps are equipped with an electronic system that detects and compensates for the loss of energy during use. Thanks to this exclusive patented energy regulator, Eurofeedback guarantees a constant level of energy with an accuracy of 95% throughout the life of its applicators.

The effectiveness of care is assured from the first to the last flash.

The density of energy emitted per surface unit or fluence is an essential element of comparison because it guarantees the quality of treatment. The level of fluence must be sufficiently high and carefully selected to obtain significant results.


The Ariane® ST Eurofeedback IPL model is CE certified and destined for beauty professionals

European certification 1639
The Ariane Med Eurofeedback IPL model is a medical device of class IIb is officially validated by the notified body SGS.

A professional Device

Rapidity of treatment

Up to 1 flash every second together with a large surface of treatment (7,5 cm²) offer the Ariane® a satisfactory speed of treatment.

Filtered and secured light

The filter is a key part in ensuring the quality and safety of care. An absorption filter eliminates from the beam any ray that is of no utility or potentially dangerous as UVs. This filter guarantee the quality of light energy produced over time.


The water cooling circuit ensures the longevity of the lamp and continuous use for a high profitability of the machine.


The cooling water also filters the infrared rays of the light spectrum, for ever greater safety.
The innovative and patented hydraulic system by water suction has been specially designed to eliminate any risk of water leaks. So you can use this water-cooled electrical equipment with confidence. 

Before any use of this medical device, it is recommended to read the operator's manual.

Technology able to securely treat phototypes 1 to 5

With a powerful generator, Ariane® produces light energy at a maximum of 150 joules to treat all even the finest and fairest on skin phototypes 1 to 4, with no risks of burns.


Eurofeedback offers some accessories to accompany your IPL devices and improve your professional daily life:

  • Eurofeedback color chart
  • Operator and customer protective glasses
  • Joule meter
  • Flash gauge
Nos goodies Eurofeedback

Our machines are designed for professionals having followed a theoretical and practical training course on the principle of selective photocoagulation including the protocoles advised

This training course, supervised by Eurofeedback and rewarded with a certificate, provides you with the knowledge necessary to carry out the best possible treatment with a maximum of security.


Financing formulas are available to allow you a smooth investment.

For rental, direct or financed purchase, choose the solution that suits you.

Contact your distributor for more information and to find out what services are available in your country.

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All our devices have a 2 years warranty with a possible extension

  • + 5 years
  • +10 years

The technical characteristics are given as an indication and can be modified at any time.

Proposed treatments

Progressive and lasting photo-epilation

A solution offering personalized treatment on all zones of the face and body, even on ingrowing hairs.


Thanks to the secured red filter, only the hair is impacted by the flash. The sensation on the skin is painless.


Rapid, precise treatment of all zones thanks to a large quartz of 7,5 cm² and a treatment speed of up to 1 flash every second.


Ariane® is manufactured under ISO 13485 organization and is CE certified. It benefits from numerous technological patents from Eurofeedback.

– Optimized presets:
The unique duo Mono and Multipulses system of Eurofeedback IPLs can safely treat light and dark skin.
For clear phototypes, Ariane® flashes are delivered in a single pulse for more efficiency.
On the other hand, to protect dark skin, the flash of light is composed of a sequence of several identical pulses, spaced by sufficient time to let the epidermis cool.

To facilitate adjustments and provide more safety and efficiency to care, Ariane® automatically adapts the fluence level, pulse duration, wavelength and number of pulses emitted to only 2 criteria selected by the ‘operator:

  • the skin phototype
  • the type of treatment

You will no longer be at risk of errors and will save precious time on adjusting the hardware.

Guaranteed Performance

Eliminate unwanted hair lastingly in just 4 to 8 sessions for your greatest satisfaction!

Thanks to the patented process which ensures an optimal stability of fluence (joules/cm²), Ariane® provides efficient and precise treatment.

Integrated coach

Ariane® LCD is equipped with a customizable 10.4-inch color touchscreen offering user-friendly use of all features.

Customer tracking software is integrated into the system to facilitate care management and allow instant analysis of equipment usage:

  • Management of several operators with the possibility of adding a password.
  • Enter clients, comments related to their treatment, automatic monitoring of the progress of sessions and suggestions for settings.
  • Reminder of important instructions and actions in real time on the screen.
  • Statistics and graphs using treatment data (number of shots, type of treatment, areas treated, number of sessions, per client, per operator, etc.).
  • “Unexpected events” “creen indicates the event code and its meaning, as well as advice on what to do.
High-performance non-invasive treatment

With its secured yellow filter, the beam of light acts on the epidermis and the superficial dermis.

Ariane® fields of application
  • Brown spots: removes superficial spots and unifies the complexion.
  • Phototensor: restores the skin’s elasticity and litheness. Reshaping and restructuring tightening effect for lasting rejuvenation of mature skin with a plumping effect.
  • Anti-aging: reduces fine lines, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, tightens dilated pores for a smooth skin texture. A radiance boost and anti-aging prevention for radiant skin
  • Capillary redness: the selective photocoagulation of micro-varicosities causes their contraction and then their natural elimination.

Certain treatments can be reserved for doctors according to the regulations of the country of use.

Visible results quickly

Ariane® guarantees optimal results for you, in full security, without pain and with visible results from the first session.

With a quartz surface of 3.5 cm², each session will last just 10 minutes.


Eurofeedback is revolutionizing the world of permanent photo-epilation care using intense pulsed light.
The Eurofeedback Ariane® LCD model offers several methods of photo-epilation care by intense pulsed light to meet each type of customer:

  • Powerful and particularly effective “monopulse” system on fair skin and very fine pigmented hair
  • Multipulse” system ideal for depilating dark and black skin
  • “Rafale” system (RHR / RSFL), suitable for sensitive and tanned skin

The Rafale photopilaire treatment allows, thanks to a specific applicator, to depilate quickly (up to 3 flashes per second) and painlessly sensitive and tanned skin all year round with very good lasting efficiency and perfectly secure.

The advantages of this powerful technology are multiple:

  • Allows you to safely flash all the colors of healthy skin
  • Limits contraindications related to UV exposure to 48 hours instead of 4 weeks
  • Saves time on each session
  • Facilitates the management of appointments

General Specifications*


IPL Eurofeedback model Ariane® was designed for beauty professionals.
This CE material meets all requirements of European directives that concern.


Compatible applicator

Maximum preset programs6 to 21 J/cm²

Surface treated per flash

3.75 cm²


475 to 1100 nm


1 to 5


Photoepilation dark hairPhotoepilation dark hair Rafale modePhotojuvenation Photoepilation white hair
ApplicatorHR (standard)RHR (optional)SR (optional)
Fluence12 to 20 J/cm²4 to 6 J/cm²6 to 21 J/cm²
Surface treated per flash7,5 cm²7,5 cm²3,75 cm²
Wavelength610 nm to 1400 nm610 nm to 1400 nm475 nm to 1400 nm
Phototypes1 to 51 to 51 to 4
Maximum rateUp to 1 flash per secondUp to 3 flashes per secondUp to 1 flash per second
Pulse duration2 to 100 ms2 to 10 ms2 to 50 ms
Pulse typemultipulseRafale modeMono and multipulse
Preset programs252020
Lifetime of lamp30 000 to 60 000 flashes or Connect mode depending on the model1 000 000 flashes
or Connect mode depending on the model
30 000 to 60 000 flashes
or Connect mode depending on the model

* for information

Evolution of ariane®

All IPL devices are designed and manufactured by Eurofeedback.




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Ariane® LCD


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