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IPL hair removal, long lasting, effective on all types of hair without exception

The intense pulsed light photoepilation treatment is a permanent hair removal using high power light of a specific color which, sent to an area of the skin, is absorbed by the hairs, which causes destruction of their bulb by heating. The target of this color is melanin, present in high concentrations in the hairs, but also in the skin.

More the energy is selectively sent, more effective the destruction of hair. For this, the duration of the pulse must be close to the “TRT” (Thermal Relaxation Time of the hair). In this way, the optimum efficiency is obtained in relation to the energy sent. In a few sessions, the hairs disappear and no longer grow back.

The principle of photoepilation by IPL

The principle applied for lasting photoepilation (or IPL hair removal) by Eurofeedback pulsed light is to emit a penetrating ray of red light into the skin where it is absorbed by the dark melanin of hair roots and transformed into heat.

The temperature reached at the root of the hair is such that a coagulation of germ plasm (bud and stem) is produced, incurring the definitive death of hair in the anagenous phase (eliminated by 100%).

Other hairs in the catagenous or telogenous phase continue their growth cycle.

6 to 8 weeks later, these remaining hairs will be in the anagenous phase and may therefore be treated successfully.


Phototypes are determined according to the Fitzpatrick classification, which measures the level of risk of the skin from exposure to the sun.

Phototype de type 1

type I​

Very fair skin, freckles, light eyes, blond or red hair

Reactivity to the sun
Does not tan, or very lightly, easily catches sunburn

Phototype de type 2

type II

Fair skin, light eyes, light or brown hair

Reactivity to the sun
Does not tan, or very lightly, easily catches sunburn

Phototype de type 3

type III

Slightly dark skin, brown or fair eyes, brown hair

Reactivity to the sun
Gradually bronze, occasionally gets sunburned

Phototype de type 4

type IV

Very dark skin, brown eyes, dark brown or black hair

Reactivity to the sun
Tans easily and rarely gets sunburned

Phototype de type 5

type V

Dark skin, dark eyes, black hair

Reactivity to the sun
Tans quickly and always, very rarely gets sunburned

Phototype de type 6

type VI

Black skin, black eyes, black hair

Reactivity to the sun
Never get sunburned

At Eurofeedback

It exists 3 processes in photoepilation by ipL

Phototype clair


For light phototypes

The monopulse process is a very effective treatment for light phototypes (I to III) because the light is sent with an optimal energy (power / time) therefore a maximum efficiency temperature for the hair with a minimum risk for the hair. clear phototype skin.

For dark phototypes (IV to VI), the monopulse process can be dangerous for the skin therefore the multipulse process is used for dark skin.

Phototype clair


For dark phototypes

The multipulse process is a treatment used for dark phototypes (IV to VI) to avoid any risk of burning the skin.

The principle is to send several small, spaced pulses of light in order to give the skin time to cool down while the hair accumulates energy to be destroyed. Thus, the hair is destroyed safely for the skin.

The monopulse and multipulse processes are used with this applicators:

applicators HR and SR for photoepilation and skin juvenisation by IPL

Eurofeedback IPL photoepilation care (or IPL hair removal) is recognized around the world for its unprecedented efficiency, as fast and much less expensive than laser photoepilation. But UV exposure less than 4 weeks before a session remains a major contraindication for IPL, like Laser.

The Eurofeedback team has equipped its IPL devices with Rafale technology to limit UV-related risks.

On motion or RAFALE process


It is recommended to perform photoepilation treatments during the winter period for all phototypes so that the skin is in its lightest possible condition.

When the sessions fall during the summer periods, the ON MOTION or RAFALE at Eurofeedback allows you to flash safely and painlessly, all skin types but more particularly sensitive skin and tanned skin within 72 hours of exposure. Without side effects, RAFALE technology emits a soft pulsed light continuously, at low fluence but at high speed to maintain the required efficiency.

It allows the operator to offer a personalized solution, all year round, for secure and efficient results, with flash at a lower cost.


The area to be depilated is swept in three passes in order to gradually raise the temperature of the hair roots and destroy them. The sensation is equivalent to a pleasant soft heat.

The RAFALE applicator has a long lifespan (up to 1 million flashes), uses gentle energy (4 to 6 joules / cm²) with a very short pulse time to ensure the effectiveness of the gentle care. The sessions are faster thanks to a rate of 3 flashes / second.

applicators RHR and RSFL for photoepilation by IPL
The ON MOTION or RAFALE process or is used with applicators:

  • Up to 85% efficiency
  • For sensitive or tanned skin
  • With blue protective glasses to have an almost invisible flash
  • Available on IPL Eurofeedback devices: Anthélia® , Ariane® , Alyta®

Effective care on
blond and white hairs

Patent for blond and white hair

The efficiency of the Eurofeedback pulsed light is such that even fine, light hairs will be removed. On the other hand, pulsed light, like the laser, does not remove the fuzz.

Eurofeedback pulsed light equipment is the only system to offer long-lasting photoepilation care on blond and white hair!
In fact, when it was discovered, Eurofeedback filed a patent (blond and white hairs) guaranteeing the worldwide exclusivity of its research.
Benefiting from a patented, unique and exclusive technology, Eurofeedback lamps are able to offer not only long-lasting photo-epilation care for black hairs, but also blond and white hairs.

The results of the clinical study carried out by the French laboratory Dermscan (approved by the French Ministry of Health) provide proof of the effectiveness of the process filed by Eurofeedback.

Read clinic study

Brevet Eurofeedback poils blancs et blonds

Limits of photoepilation care processes

6 to 8 sessions on average

Several sessions are necessary to greatly reduce hair growth for an optimal efficacy / safety ratio.

Depending on the type of hair, the area and the Eurofeedback photoepilation treatment mode selected, 6 to 8 sessions on average will be necessary to eliminate unsightly hair for single-pulse and multi-pulse procedures.

For the photoepilation treatment (or IPL hair removal) with the RAFALE mode, 10 sessions on average are necessary for a hair permanently removed at 80% efficiency, gently and without risk.


The remaining very fine hairs can be removed with conventional photoepilation also available on IPL Eurofeedback. Pulsed light, like the laser, does not remove the down.

Lower eyebrows

All parts of the body can be treated except the lower eyebrows.

Before any use, it is recommended to read the operator's manual.