Technologies & patents

Technologies & patents

Reliability, safety, performance with more than 26 patents

In 1995 Eurofeedback developed its first pulsed light equipment
for toner drying and has manufactured over 3,000 pieces of equipment.

Subsequently, the company specialized in industrial pulsed light in decontamination and polymerization applications.
Thanks to its industrial and cutting-edge know-how, it has created professional and medical devices for photopilaire care, photorejuvenation and medical treatments.


Eurofeedback’s intense pulsed IPL light is a gentle and effective High Tech method, which offers many advantages compared to other conventional and ephemeral hair removal or rejuvenation methods.

The principle of Intense Pulsed Light

The principle of pulsed light systems is to store electrical energy in a capacitor and then to discharge it in a xenon lamp. During this discharge, the lamp provides white light with a spectrum rich in UV radiation.

Depending on the desired treatment, the characteristics of the light are adapted depending on the light intensity, the light spectrum and the type of lamp used.

IPL devices,
patented innovations

The work of the Research & Development of Eurofeedback, a French industrialist and expert in light, resulted in the filing of more than 26 patents in the field of IPL pulsed light to bring more performance, safety, efficiency and ergonomics to IPL Eurofeedback devices.

This cutting-edge technology is used today on all models of IPL Eurofeedback devices.

Performance - Worldwide patent

Permanent hair removal of light hair

The classic photopilaire care by pulsed light or laser, is very effective for a classic use on black hairs but very little on white or blond hairs, as light hairs hardly absorb light compared to dark hairs.

Eurofeedback’s R&D team has managed to significantly improve results on light hairs.

See the clinical study

This technology was therefore developed and tested in a clinical study in 2004, in a French laboratory, DERMSCAN (approved by the French Ministry of Health). The patent* was filed in 2005.

According to the study, the Eurofeedback photopilaire skin care process allowed:

  • to decrease after a session, the hair density significantly both on dark hairs and light hairs (blond and white).
  • to reduce unpleasant sensations. The volunteers appreciated its efficiency and the absence of unpleasant sensations during the sessions. 50% of the volunteers would be ready to use it on a larger area.
* This patent protected technology is exclusively reserved for users of IPL Eurofeedback pulsed light devices. An act of copying or counterfeiting is punishable by 3 years imprisonment and a fine of € 300,000.


The applicator or used to send pulsed light called “flash”. It is a smart device that contains predefined parameters for better safety and efficiency depending on the process and the care chosen. It is made of plastic material to gain lightness and safety.

Efficiency from first to last flash



HMI interfaces

The engineering teams at Eurofeedback have developed a tactile interface containing an efficient and easy-to-use system in order to optimize its use, the maintenance follow-up and thus limit the risk of parameter setting errors. The integrated software is constantly improving and is easy to update.


All the parameters (fluence, wavelength, pulse duration, number of pulses, etc.) are pre-programmed to facilitate the use of the equipment, optimize the efficiency of treatments and avoid the risk of errors.

For photodepilation, the user only has to choose the type of hair, the type of skin to start his session.

Connected devices

Eurofeedback has integrated GSM technology into its pulsed light devices to ensure better monitoring for maintenance and to improve performance.